How I REALLY View My Clients

The best part of my job is not what I do, but working with you, my clients. I admire every single one of you and you have made my life better in so many ways. The thing is, you never seem to understand how marvelous you are. When you come to me, you tell me that your house is a mess, that you can't get anything done, and that clutter is draining away your zest for life. Well, let me just say this: you are not your clutter, and you are amazing. You may not know it, but you inspire me every time we work together. Yes, you do! To prove it, here are 5 reasons I admire you. 1) You are brave. You know what you need to do, and so you are doing it. Many people avoid getting professional help be

Ditch the Schedule, Get More Done!

I have done it, you have done it, and everybody’s done it. You decide that enough is enough. A new era is dawning in your family. Its time for a schedule. Wake up a 7:30, Get dressed at 7:45 after your devotions, breakfast at 8:15, lunch at 11:30, family quiet time at 1:pm. The next day, you are cheerful and dressed on time. The kids don’t want to wake up, but tough luck, kiddos. Time to eat a nutritious breakfast. Of course, Thomas is refusing to eat anything yellow and throws all his eggs on the floor. Which means he hungry again at 10 (when it Laundry Time). Plus he looks sleepy because he woke up earlier than normal. You feed him and put him down for a nap just to stop the whining. Wh

Slay Housework With This Device

I never thought my organization skills would fail me. I mean, I can do anything. College and a job? No problem. College and work and moving? Piece of cake. College, work, moving, getting married all at once? Done. All I needed was a tiny bit of sleep, a list, coffee and I was good to go. Until I became a mommy. And then it seemed that I could not get anything done at all. Everything had changed. Nothing worked like it did before! My laundry sat around in piles for days and my sink overflowed with dishes. Worst of all, the mere thought of tackling anything made me exhausted. I finally figured out that I needed to ditch every single one my old routines and start all over from scratch. The

Dream a Dream of Space!

It’s the first month of a new year! And, of course, people are whipping out their pens and jotting down resolutions. Did you, like many other folks, decide that will be the year you get organized? If not, consider for a moment how amazing it would be if you decided that this year was going to be your year of The Great Home Organization. Your life would truly be changed! Think about all the new extra space you would gain. And this space wouldn't just be in your home, it would also be in your mind, your heart, your day, and your bank account. So, imagine yourself, a year from now, standing in your newly organized home with your all sorts of new space all around you. You have extra space in you

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