How to Grocery Shop Like a Ninja

Does anybody really love grocery shopping? I don’t! Sadly, it’s one of those things that must be done—unless you are the savvy type with a huge garden and walk-in pantry. The rest of us are stuck dreading the weekly grocery trip. Somehow, I am always hungry, I always forget my list, and the baby is always crying. Not to mention that by the time I get home, I don’t have even have enough energy left to clean the fridge and make room for all my fresh, non-expired goods. And yes, this is a professional organizer talking! Recently, however, our little family got a new dining table, and the moment I covered it with a fresh table cloth, a sneaky little homemaker bug ran up and bit me. The kind that

Don't Just Organize-Minimize!

Does your organizational system stress you out more than it helps you? Do you meticulously organize your things, only to find out that trying to stay super organized just stresses you out? After it’s all said and done, do you wish you had your comfortable mess back? If so, you may be over organizing. I can identify with over organizing. I am a professional organizer…and I like to over organize things. I like to color code my clothes, arrange my office supplies into teeny tiny categories, and otherwise make my life too complicated. And when I start feeling anxious about maintaining my new organizational systems, I know that I have been guilty of over organizing. Being organized should make me

This and that: March's adventures in Cooking and Hosting

Hi Folks! Welcome to a “This and That” post.. a post where I am just rambling about my latest and greatest side projects. So, if you wondered what a professional organizer does when she isn’t elbow deep in bins and baskets, here you go. My biggest project this spring was tackling that stubborn and timeless “what’s for dinner” dilemma. We just got a new dining table, and somehow seeing it freshly covered with a table cloth suddenly gave me the insatiable itch to have dinner together as a family more often. The only problem with this? I hate cooking! So when my mom casually mentioned how she once did once-a-month freezer cooking, my ears perked up. I almost drooled over the vision of my freeze

8 Lies Clutter May Be Telling You

​​ One day while I was doing laundry, I made an amazing discovery. This is fairly common for me. In fact, I frequently gain great insights while doing the laundry. On this particular day, I was worrying a lot. I often worry…or I did, until I got a vivid mental image of what my worry really was. And what was it? It was a huge disgusting, monster. And it looked like this: ​​Yup, this is the Worry monster, it all its hungry glory. And it was begging for my attention and telling me that if I just kept feeding it more worrisome thoughts, then it would leave me alone. But guess what? The more I kept feeding it, the fatter Worry got and the more it wanted to eat! But by the third load of laundry an

Finish Big Projects With This Tip!

Have you ever wondered why some people can work with more focus on just one organizing project than the rest of us? There they are, just chugging away like the Energizer bunny while we are slouched in a chair with our feet up, sipping gratefully on coffee. Even just a few short hours of non-strenuous physical labor can frizzle minds and sap any last scrap of energy or motivation. Don’t worry, because I have a handy tool for you that can make all the difference. I call it The Automatic Decision Maker, and it slashes fatigue by helping you make a bunch of decisions up-front, all at once. You see, organizing projects are tough even if they don't involve moving around quickly or lifting heavy t

Purse Perfection: Part Two

Hi there! I'm back and finishing my talk about Purse Perfection. In Part One, I told you how to purge your purse and introduced the idea of the One Purse Lifestyle: only having one purse that you can take with you everywhere, whether you are doing business or having fun. Today in Part Two, I’ll explain what kind of purse works best for this and how to organize the inside of your purse with pouches. So, first things first! What's the best kind of purse for your One Purse? Well, it should be very roomy and structured enough that it stands up on its own even empty. The top should close completely, whether by a zipper, a clasp, or snap. The straps are up to you, but I like medium length straps t

Purse Perfection-Part One

In March, I hosted a 31 bag party at my home with tea and scones. It was a marvelous time, and getting big boxes if 31 stuff a few days later just as great! 31 was particularly generous with their hostesses in March, so I get a ton of discounts. I bought items that would help me with the hectic mornings when I have to rush Baby and me out the door to work. This meant getting an all new babysitter bag, work bag, and purse. Yay! I love all my new goodies! Everything works perfectly and look great. I am especially happy with my new purse situation. After years of trying out different purses and organizing methods, I have finally reached Purse Perfection…that glorified life where I never have to

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