Dream a Dream of Space!

It’s the first month of a new year! And, of course, people are whipping out their pens and jotting down resolutions. Did you, like many other folks, decide that will be the year you get organized?

If not, consider for a moment how amazing it would be if you decided that this year was going to be your year of The Great Home Organization.

Your life would truly be changed! Think about all the new extra space you would gain. And this space wouldn't just be in your home, it would also be in your mind, your heart, your day, and your bank account.

So, imagine yourself, a year from now, standing in your newly organized home with your all sorts of new space all around you.

You have extra space in your house! Not only do you own fewer things, but you also need fewer things to hold the things! You even sold that huge ugly filing cabinet in your office because you spent one day shredding all the extra paper piles. Your new 20 folder system fits into one handy file box. It's marvelous.

You have extra space in your mind! Your brain is not stuffed with elusive due dates or a fragmented to-do list. Most of your bills are on auto pay now. You placed some handy apps on your phone to keep track of your calendar and to-do lists. And when you get ready to go somewhere, your mind isn't struggling to remember what you need to take with you.... because you actually have a designated area in your entryway for your keys, purse, gloves, and sunglasses.

You have extra space in your heart! You kept only keepsake items that made you feel empowered or warm and fuzzy, and this gave you space for new, happy memories. Your guilt from being disorganized is gone, replaced with a sense of accomplishment. You have space in your heart to get excited for new projects that truly interest you, because you are not weighed down with the weight of unfinished craft projects. During the Great Home Organization, you gave them away to folks who actually liked doing crafts that you had lost interest in.

You have extra space in your day! You regained the minutes you spent rewashing clean clothes that had jumbled themselves among the dirty clothes. You don’t have to spend hours shopping for items you simply lost. You have time to enjoy a few deep breaths of gratitude with your coffee in the morning because it only took you a few minutes to pick out clothes from your newly minimized wardrobe.

You have extra space in your bank account! In every room, you found something you could sell for some pocket change. You also found things you had been meaning to give as gifts, so your Christmas shopping is already halfway done (not to mention that you found so much wrapping paper that you won’t have to buy any more for years!).

All-in-all, you feel as if you have a new lease on life. Surprisingly, this isn't because you gained anything, but because you let things go!

And how is that for a nice vision of what your life is going to be like when you get organized? Sure, it’s a big job. But guess what? I will be here, right beside you. Subscribe to this blog to get regular motivation, coaching, tips, and tricks along your journey of The Great Home Organization. It will be more fun than you can imagine :)

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