How I REALLY View My Clients

The best part of my job is not what I do, but working with you, my clients. I admire every single one of you and you have made my life better in so many ways. The thing is, you never seem to understand how marvelous you are. When you come to me, you tell me that your house is a mess, that you can't get anything done, and that clutter is draining away your zest for life. Well, let me just say this: you are not your clutter, and you are amazing. You may not know it, but you inspire me every time we work together. Yes, you do! To prove it, here are 5 reasons I admire you. 1) You are brave. You know what you need to do, and so you are doing it. Many people avoid getting professional help because they are afraid. They are afraid to know the true extent of their problems, and afraid of what they will need to uncover and work through. They are afraid to let someone see them without the gloss we smear over everyday ugliness for Facebook. But you show me that being brave means doing things even though you don't want to and even if you are afraid to face reality. It takes courage to make a fresh start. I want you to know how brave you are, and how you make me want to be brave, too. 2) You have determination and motivation. But to hear you talk, you would never believe it. So listen: a disorganized house has nothing to do with how inspired and hard-working you are. Your disorganization just means that life has happened to you in unexpected ways. Perhaps your family has grown quickly or you have been sick for a long time. Of course, you might have an underlying issue like compulsive acquiring that is working against you. In that case, though, you must still remember that you are not your compulsion or your bad habits. So let me make this clear to you: calling an in an extra hand to tackle the project head-on sounds is a pretty determined thing to do. Facing your overflowing closets and your creaking shelves takes a truckload of motivation. Sometimes we attack ten years of clutter in one afternoon and that takes gust and stamina. Be proud of yourself! 3) You are resilient. Many people have cluttered homes because life happened…but not always “good life”. You may have had a death in the family, or an extended illness, or a divorce. Yet I am always inspired by your resilience in the face of so much change and heartbreak. I have seen you come across a sensitive picture, pause, and then continue sorting through your tears. You are facing life and doing what it takes to move forward and get organized. You are standing up straight and getting yourself in the best possible position to receive a fantastic future. Many people close their shades, stack things around them, and miss out on life for decades. But you throw open your door to me and face your pain instead. That’s beyond inspiring. 4) You teach me. You know a lot of amazing things that you take for granted, and often you pass on fruits of a unique skill set. You have taught me where to find sales, how to create nifty little life hacks, and even the secrets behind scrumptious recipes. You also teach me ingenious little ways you deal with your everyday difficulties such as anxiety or ADHD. And you don't just show me practical stuff without your even knowing it. Just by being you, you show me how to get through life transitions without loosing hope, and that I can always find meaning in my life. Yes…I learn a lot! 5) You are generous. And I'm not just referring to the free coffee and snacks you share while we are working. I am talking about how generous you are with your stories, your heart, and your home. You share your struggles, your hopes, your time, and your space with me. You give me feedback on how you are feeling at the moment about the organizing process. You let me in on special memories when you come across an item you decide to keep. You let me see the spaces you create in, where you find sanctuary, and the rooms you avoid. You don't hold back. And for this, I am truly grateful. So, there you go. There are five irrefutable reasons why you are amazing. I believe them, and you should, too! At this point, I just want to take the time to express that I do not take your bravery and your generosity for granted. What happens in your home while we are working, stays in your home. Your stories, your struggles, and the contents of your home are private. There are several ways that I can show you this. For example, I don't engage in sarcastic or "funny" shop talk with other professional organizers. I appreciate you and empathize with you. You are a gift to me. This is why I have a code of ethics. It is why I have a confidentiality section in our working agreement. And this is why I maintain a high standard of professionalism. So, yes: I think you are simply amazing and inspiring! And thank you so much for the privilege of working alongside your heart in your home.

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