How to Grocery Shop Like a Ninja

Does anybody really love grocery shopping? I don’t! Sadly, it’s one of those things that must be done—unless you are the savvy type with a huge garden and walk-in pantry. The rest of us are stuck dreading the weekly grocery trip. Somehow, I am always hungry, I always forget my list, and the baby is always crying. Not to mention that by the time I get home, I don’t have even have enough energy left to clean the fridge and make room for all my fresh, non-expired goods. And yes, this is a professional organizer talking!

Recently, however, our little family got a new dining table, and the moment I covered it with a fresh table cloth, a sneaky little homemaker bug ran up and bit me. The kind that says, “Wouldn’t it be nice to have dinner as a family every night?” But there was a small problem. I hated grocery shopping, and you have to have groceries in order to make dinner.

So, being the problem solver that I am, I decided to revamp my grocery routine. The results were magical! I still can’t say that I love grocery shopping, but I do feel like a grocery shopping ninja (except for the fact that I am clumsy with a grocery cart and usually bump into at least one person. But I can pretend).

Here are my new Grocery Guidelines for Ninjas:

1) Good preparation is everything. Get ready for your grocery shopping the day before with these tasks:

*Clean up your kitchen.

*Throw out some of the expired items in your refrigerator.

*Consolidate cereal and snack boxes.

*Make room in your car for grocery bags.

*Before you go to bed tonight, lay out your clothes for the morning.

2) Ready, set, go! For a smooth departure, try these things:

*Get dressed in the morning before you even leave your bedroom.

*Take the time to make a good breakfast for everybody.

*Make a grocery list, but forget about meal planning.

Yes, you heard that correctly. Look, I know we all want to be wonder woman, but think about it. When was the last time your careful meal planning lasted more than two weeks? If a system doesn’t work, release it. Find something that does work. Like one of these cute and comprehensive smart-lists! If you are stocked up on the basics, then your meal planning will take care of itself.

3) It’s Ninja time! At the store, try these tips:

*Park close to the car corral.

*Buy a frozen meal for dinner tonight.

*When you check out, put the same category of food on the conveyor belt at the same time so it will get put together in the same grocery bags.

4) Home stretch! When you get home, finish strong by doing these things:

*Let the kids have a snack right away.

*Pop your frozen dinner in the oven.

*Put all the groceries away, right away.

5) And…you are done!

*Make some coffee and enjoy a bit of down time. You deserve it!

*Be proud of yourself: you got the grocery shopping done, your dinner is planned, the kitchen is clean, and you have supplies to make all your family’s

favorite meals for a week.

In other words, you are now a Grocery Shopping Ninja. Congratulations!

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