Purse Perfection-Part One

In March, I hosted a 31 bag party at my home with tea and scones. It was a marvelous time, and getting big boxes if 31 stuff a few days later just as great! 31 was particularly generous with their hostesses in March, so I get a ton of discounts. I bought items that would help me with the hectic mornings when I have to rush Baby and me out the door to work. This meant getting an all new babysitter bag, work bag, and purse. Yay!

I love all my new goodies! Everything works perfectly and look great. I am especially happy with my new purse situation. After years of trying out different purses and organizing methods, I have finally reached Purse Perfection…that glorified life where I never have to change purses and I always have what I need. I take my new Cindy Tote purse with me on field trips, vacations, client consultations, networking events, date nights, and just about everywhere else! And---- I pack it pretty much the same way for grocery shopping with my baby or going to professional events.

Of course, the secrets to my Purse Perfection are too good to keep to myself, so I’m blogging them! But when I actually sat down to write, I realized that one little post on the subject wasn’t going to cut it. So today, you are reading Part One, which is all about things you don't need in your purse. Part Two will show you which items I keep in my purse and how I organize them. I will also talk about purse styles and which ones are best for the brave move to a “once purse only” lifestyle. I use the Cindy Tote, but it's just one of many that could do the job.

So, my purse organization method is simple and will work for anybody…provided your purse is properly purged first. Most of us lug way too much stuff around. If we are honest with ourselves, we know that we hardly ever use everything in our fully stocked purse. And on the few occasions we do use a certain item, we could have easily improvised with something else.

The thing is, simplifying our purses isn’t just about tossing things out of it. It involves a real shift in our mindsets. If we ever want to reach Purse Perfection, we need to take a closer look at why we insist on lugging around so much.

Most of us carry around an overburdened purse because of one of five reasons.

1) We are anxious about unforeseenevents and prepare for every single eventuality. Why not just trust your own resourcefulness instead? Or, consider this: maybe NOTHING AT ALL will go wrong!

2) We don’t prepare properly before we leave the house. Sure, You may feel organized because you have a complete bill paying station in your purse. But, really, wouldn't you be even more organized if you payed your bills at home before you even left? And ditto onf your manicure set.

3) We think we can fix everything. I always carries hairspray with me, until I faced up to the fact that if I am having a bad hair day, no amount of hairspray is going to fix it! So I quit carrying the bottle around. Some days, you are just not going to look your best and there will be nothing you can be do about it. Don’t obsess! Smile instead.

4) We believe we are responsible to help everybody else out. I used to carry Kleenex---- just in case someone else needed it. Do what I did: get rid of junk that is weighing you down. You will gain a sense of calm that will help you truly connect with people in a more meaningful way.

5) We don’t take advantage of space saving substitutes. Tap into the potential of your smart phone! I have a scanner that I take with me to every client appointment. And guess what? It’s on my phone!

Here are some things I don't even keep in my purse anymore. As you read them, think about what you might have in your purse that you can toss after you free your mind from clunky "what if" scenarios.

Mirror: I don’t really need one in my purse, because there is always one around when I actually need one. Most of my “mirror checks” were driven by anxiety, not out of a true need to check my makeup

Nail clippers: I am a firm believer of taking care of your manicure needs at home before you leave.

Notepad: Your phone has an app for that.

Make-up bag: I found that if I leave the house prepared, all I need is moisturizing lipstick and some touch up mascara.

Reward cards: There’s an app for that

Travel sewing kit: Unless I am not going out of town, I cannot imagine a single situation that I would actually need this.

Perfume: I used to carrry both perfume and a travel sized deodorant...until I realized scented deodorant worked better to cover bad odor and disperse a good scent than perfume. So now I only have deodorant with me.

Reading material for waiting rooms: There’s an app for that.

Extra scarf and earrings: Get completely accessorized before leaving the house, or else embrace a simple look for the day.

Checkbook: I switched to cash or credit. A checkbooks is very bulky, and it’s just one more thing to keep track of.

This isn’t an exhaustive list, but I hope it gets you thinking about why you carry so many things with you all the time. And here's and idea: dump your purse out and go through each item, one by one. Ask yourself “Why do I really lug this around with me?”, or “What is the worst thing that will happen if I don’t carry this with me?”

Then you’ll be all ready for my next post about refilling your purse---the simple way!

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