This and that: March's adventures in Cooking and Hosting

Hi Folks! Welcome to a “This and That” post.. a post where I am just rambling about my latest and greatest side projects. So, if you wondered what a professional organizer does when she isn’t elbow deep in bins and baskets, here you go.

My biggest project this spring was tackling that stubborn and timeless “what’s for dinner” dilemma. We just got a new dining table, and somehow seeing it freshly covered with a table cloth suddenly gave me the insatiable itch to have dinner together as a family more often. The only problem with this? I hate cooking! So when my mom casually mentioned how she once did once-a-month freezer cooking, my ears perked up. I almost drooled over the vision of my freezer all full of ready-made meals. Who wouldn’t get excited about that?

Thankfully, I wasn’t the only one enraptured with the idea. My mom, my sister, and one of our family friends jumped on the freezer meal bandwagon with me. I dubbed our ambitious group the “Table Divas” and put up a website and Facebook page to help us with the coordinating and planning (most of which happily fell to me as the professional organizer).

We also got a Once A Month Meals web membership, which was a must for us. Not only does this site feature thousands of recipes to choose from, but its software compiles shopping lists, menu cards, and labels for your entire menu. We decided on ten basic meals geared toward freezer cooking newbies like ourselves. And then we did the shopping. A LOT of shopping!

When all our ingredients and supplies were finally gathered, we all met up at my sister's house for a day of measuring, browning meat, mixing, chopping vegetables, packaging, labeling,...and washing dirty dishes.

There were definitely some kinks. We ran out of mixing bowls, cut ourselves multiple times, and had to rescue a pot of burnt soup. But our good spirits and teamwork got us through. So sure, it took us 12 hours instead of the expected 5 hours, but who can complain about a freezer full of ready-made dinners? We had a great day together as moms and homemakers and saved money at the same time. Our next prep even is already in the works and I am so excited about finally solving my Dinner Dilemma!

The other event I organized this month was a 31 Bag party. I was in love with their new Jewel line, and I sorely needed a revamp of my current bag system for my new business. But I hate going out and shopping. So I decided to host a 31 party at my own home instead. Problem solved! I invited my friends and turned into some fun girl time!

I decided to kick it up a noch and have a tea party theme! We even got to use real teacups from a local tea room, The Quiet Corner. We had mini scones and little cucumber sandwiches that I made myself (a first for me).

I maxed out the seating in my living room and our consultant, Kim Birke, was fabulous. She even had her very own cute purse display that looked like it came straight out of a botique. And the best part of the whole thing? I got to catch up with ladies that I see all the time but don't often get the chance to have a quality chat with. So, for one delightful afternoon, my little house was a tea room and purse shop filled with some of my favorite people.

And thanks to everybody’s orders, I was able to get new items for my business without busting the budget. And…a new purse, of course :)

So, folks that is what I have been up to as of late: planning, organizing, and hanging out with my peeps.

Oh, and by the way...Happy Spring!

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