Lauren’s passion is to help people live their best life through organization. Disorganization gets in the way of accomplishing life goals, whether it is to entertain more, have space for hobbies, or simply enjoying a welcoming and peaceful state of mind.


She believes that an organized life is possible for everyone, even those who have struggled with a lifetime of clutter. She wants you to enjoy the physical and mental health benefits of an organized life and is here to listen to you and design a way to make this happen.


Lauren Bower completed her Bachelor’s of Communication Studies from Indiana University, then completed the Profitable Organizers Course and opened Bowerbird Organizing in 2014 after the birth of her first child. She now has three children and has recently celebrated five years of bringing calm to chaos in Fort Wayne homes and lives.

Lauren is committed to professionalism and continued learning. She is a member of the National Association of Productivity and Organizing Professionals, an industry leader in organizing education and research that provides ethics and performance standards for professional organizers worldwide. Her business is fully insured, and she has passed background checks for sites such as and HomeAdvisor. 

Whenever possible, Lauren shares her knowledge and passion with others, whether it is at local speaking engagements, or for local publications such as Home Living, or IN|FortWayne.


In her free time, she experiments with new organizing methods in her own home (which her husband endures patiently), trains for triathlons, and drinks copious amounts of coffee while keeping up with her three young children.




Client information is confidential, both business and personal, and not used to benefit the professional without the client's permission.


Serve the client with integrity and will treat them as the professional would want to be treated as a client: with respect and courtesy in all communication.


Explain rates in advance, and will only charge what I believe is reasonable with my experience, services, and responsibility.


Only offer services the professional is competent and qualified in. When unable to fulfill a request, recommend someone who can.


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Why the Bowerbird?


The bowerbird takes pride in making its nest organized and beautiful. It collects hundreds of unique trinkets, and spends many hours arranging them around its bower to get them "just so".  It is a natural home organizer.

Since her last name is Bower, why not consider Lauren at Bowerbird Organizing your personal bowerbird? She will organize your possessions with care and respect and arrange them in the most attractive way imaginable.