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Hello! I am Mrs. Lauren Bower, a mom with three small children. I finished Professional Home Organizer training and started Bowerbird Organizing shortly after my first son was born. I also hold a degree in Communication Studies, and my career background includes experience in education, healthcare, and childcare.


My mom says that even when I was in kindergarten, I would offer organizing services to my kindergarten teacher and organize the top of her desk. I am what you would call a natural "straightener". If something is out of place or crooked, I will unconsciously neaten it up!

Being organized makes such a difference to me as a mom with three kids and a million things going on at once. I have found that with the clutter gone and the proper systems in place, it’s actually possible to enjoy more free time in a calming home. 

I love my job as a professional organizer because I get to help other people regain the same measure of calm. I love meeting new people, seeing their spaces, and learning what is most important to them and what they need most. It is amazing to see their relief and happiness when their home is as organized as they have dreamed.

I cannot wait to meet you and help wipe the stress from clutter right out of your life with home organization services!




I will keep client information confidential, both business and personal, and not use it to benefit myself without the client's permission.


I will serve my clients with integrity and will treat them as I would want to be treated as a client: with respect and courtesy in all communication.


I will explain my rates in advance, and will only charge what I believe is reasonable with my experience, services, and responsibility.


I will only offer services I am competent and qualified in. When unable to fulfill a request, I will recommend someone who can.


Let's Get Started!

I am your professional organizer in Fort Wayne.

Tell me what you need, and I will get back with you within 24 hours!


Why the Bowerbird?

The bowerbird takes pride in making its nest organized and beautiful. It collects hundreds of unique trinkets, and spends many hours arranging them around its bower to get them "just so".  It is a natural home organizer.

Since my last name is Bower, why not consider me your personal bowerbird? I will organize your possessions with care and respect and arrange them in the most attractive way imaginable.