Lauren is a warm and friendly person who made me feel at ease, even though I was showing her some of my worst messes! We aren't done yet, but I know that the finished room will be both pretty and functional again after it's completed.

Sarah, Fort Wayne

Bowerbird Organization took my basement space from drab to fab! Our finished basement was a space my husband and I avoided and let be our "catch-all" space of the house for everything from piles of books to unused furniture...until the enthusiastic and positive Lauren came in and transformed our clutter into a beautifully organized and trendy place to be! She rearranged the place with a vision for organization that I never could have thought of myself. Now I can't keep my husband out of the basement! Thank you Bowerbird Organizing!

Elizabeth, Goshen

Lauren is like a friend that came over to help you organize your space but does most of the work (or all of the work, if you choose), stays on track, and flies through the job. I am so happy with the results that I am trying to figure out what space I want her to do next.

Andrea, Fort Wayne

Lauren was instrumental in bringing all my thoughts and ideas together and into real life--helping me see how my life affects my surroundings and not my surroundings affecting my life.

Laura, Fort Wayne

Thank you, Lauren for renewing my love of baking! Your revamp of my kitchen was so efficient that everything is still in order-even with continual use. The time you spent getting to know my movements and practices means you made it intuitive for me. I did not even have to learn where everything was!  My family is glad the baker in me has returned. This was money well spent and I will be calling you for other areas that are in need of a Bowerbird!

Claudia, New Paris

All I can say is how relieved I am! I had to move unexpectedly and was just about having an anxiety attack. But Lauren made all the difference! She helped me stay focused and figure out what to take and what to toss. In a few hours, we had the kitchen all sorted and boxed up. She even gave me this great plan of action for the next day when I would be by myself. What. A. Lifesaver!

Tyne, South Bend

The first time I needed Lauren, she helped me beyond what I ever expected-and not only with my move but also with my mind and emotions! The second time was amazing, too. The simplicity of her organizing tips really made the whole process go better.

Catherine, Goshen

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My mom says that even when I was in kindergarten, I organized the top of my teacher's desk. Organizing has always made me happy, and the bigger the mess, the more excited I am to dig in!


I enjoy being a professional organizer because I love meeting new clients, seeing their spaces, and learning what is most important to them and what they need most. I adore seeing their relief and happiness when they finally have things back in control and the way they always wanted.

So if your question is, "Who is a Fort Wayne professional home organizer near me?", you have found the right place. Let's chat! 



The bowerbird takes pride in making its nest organized and beautiful. It collects hundreds of unique trinkets, and spends many hours arranging them around its bower to get them "just so". It is a natural home organizer.

Since my last name is Bower, why not consider me your personal bowerbird? I will organize your possessions with care and respect and arrange them in the most attractive way imaginable.