A home organizer will work with a variety of home organization tasks. No matter the size of the project or how badly it overwhelms you, I can help you turn your space into an attractively organized place to be. Areas I commonly organize include...     

Kitchen        Bathroom      Living Room    

Pantry          Nursery         Dining Room

Garage        Playroom       Bedroom


Sometimes certain systems in our lives need a revamp. Does your laundry always feel behind? Is paper organization a losing battle? As a personal organizer, I will set up systems to work for you, not against you. I offer organizing services to work with systems that include...         

Command Center    Laundry Flow     Files 

Daily Routines     Goal Setting     Schedule

Home Management     Homework Station


Is there a situation coming up that goes beyond day to day needs? Perhaps you have guests coming over, a new child on the way, or it is tax return time again and things just aren't organized for the occasion. I offer home organization services for situations that include...

Moving     Remodeling     New Baby

Guests     Tax Season     Downsizing    


I am your professional organizer in Fort Wayne.

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My mom says that even when I was in kindergarten, I organized the top of my teacher's desk. Organizing has always made me happy, and the bigger the mess, the more excited I am to dig in!


I enjoy being a professional organizer because I love meeting new clients, seeing their spaces, and learning what is most important to them and what they need most. I adore seeing their relief and happiness when they finally have things back in control and the way they always wanted.

So if your question is, "Who is a Fort Wayne professional home organizer near me?", you have found the right place. Let's chat! 


The bowerbird takes pride in making its nest organized and beautiful. It collects hundreds of unique trinkets, and spends many hours arranging them around its bower to get them "just so". It is a natural home organizer.

Since my last name is Bower, why not consider me your personal bowerbird? I will organize your possessions with care and respect and arrange them in the most attractive way imaginable.

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