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Are you tired of the chaos in your home? Is clutter making life stressful for you and getting in the way of the life you really want to be living right now?

Let Lauren Bower at Bowerbird Organizing come beside you and help clear your space and set you a path of lasting order in your home and your life.  As a professional home organizer, she makes the discarding process easier, gives fresh ideas for spaces, and helps you find the best places for newly purged and sorted items.


So whether you just need a home organizing pick-me-up or have always struggled with disorganization, Lauren can make a tidy home a possibility for you to achieve and maintain. 


And right now, all you really have to do is take one small step. Just click below to contact Lauren at Bowerbird Organizing. She will get back with you about getting started on your path to a more peaceful home, mind, and heart.  No cost, no pressure. So check one item off your list today: finding your professional home organizer. 


I enjoy being a professional organizer because I love meeting new clients, seeing their spaces, and learning what is most important to them and what they need most. It means so much to see them come to a place of relief and peace when they finally have things back in control and the way they always wanted through organizing. They can stop messing with messes and get on with the life they want.

No two clients are alike, so I enjoy helping clients find the solutions that work for them. You don't have to be a natural organizer to have an organized life. It involves skills that anyone can get better at with the right customized instruction and guidance.

So if your question is, "Who is a Fort Wayne professional home organizer near me to get me to a more organized life?", you have found the right place, Bowerbird Organizing. 


"Lauren is a warm and friendly person who made me feel at ease, even though I was showing her some of my worst messes! We aren't done yet, but I know that the finished room will be both pretty and functional again after it's completed."                                                                                                                    -Sarah, Fort Wayne

"Lauren was instrumental in bringing all my thoughts and ideas together and into real life, helping me see how my life affects my surroundings and not my surroundings affecting my life.                             -Laura, Fort Wayne




Let a Fort Wayne professional organizer help you finish all your organizing projects.

Take your first step and contact me today, and I will email you back within 24 hours.


The bowerbird takes pride in organizing its nest and making it beautiful. It collects hundreds of unique trinkets, and spends many hours arranging them around its bower to get them "just so". It is a natural home organizer.

Since my last name is Bower, why not consider Bowerbird Organizing your personal bowerbird? As your very own Fort Wanye home organizer, I will always organize your possessions with care and respect and arrange them in the most attractive way imaginable.